Virtual WordPress Assistant Facebook Page

Virtual WordPress Assistant Facebook Page

Virtual WordPress Assistant has just finished securing our own piece of Facebook real estate – we’ve just setup our Facebook Page, which means that we’d be grateful if you would please “Like” us.

While most of our clients hear about us through word-of-mouth referrals, we know how important it is to ensure that we build on our social media presence.

We’re already quite active on Twitter and decided that we could benefit from the SEO advantage that Facebook offers, and at the same time we could improve our visibility and reach so that other WordPress website and blog owners can find us if they need WordPress assistance or support.

The next task on Facebook will be be creating a custom Facebook landing page for us as well as be helping us with our social media profile branding, management & marketing.

Virtual WordPress Assistant has been setup by Your Social Media Guy

The Virtual WordPress Assistant Facebook Page has been setup by our friends at Your Social Media Guy.

Whether you are just starting to plan your social media strategy or are looking at taking it to the next level, the services that the Your Social Media Guy social media branding, management and marketing team provide, will ensure that you’re capitalising from the power of social media.

The wealth of practical experience that this team has is very impressive and we are thankful for the extremely useful social media advice consultation service that we’ve received.

Last but not least, Your Social Media Guy provides an affordable outsourced social media service that doesn’t tie you in to any long-term contracts. Highly recommended!

Know someone that needs a WordPress Assistant?

If you’ve worked with us and got a great service, we’d love for you to let your network know that we are your preferred WordPress assistants.

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