Check out the Virtual WordPress Assistant Company Page on LinkedIn

Check out the Virtual WordPress Assistant Company Page on LinkedIn

The amazing Virtual WordPress Assistant LinkedIn Company Page has been setup for us by our friend at Your Social Media Guy.

Are you harnessing the power of LinkedIn for your business? Linkedin is without a doubt the most effective social networking platform for B2B companies and is a favoured channel for customer acquisition. LinkedIn should be your primary destination for helping you, and your company, maximise your economic opportunities.

LinkedIn have recently updated the company profile pages which enables companies to promote themselves in a way that is completely complimentary to their website. Using LinkedIn Company Pages,  you can now promote your products and services, offer special deals and even better – get customer recommendations.

One of the greatest new features is that it is now possible to create a rotation of product images/ads that enable links to relevant pages on your company web page. You can also list and customise your product and services. Word of mouth is king and we all like to buy products or services that are recommended by others. This is a powerful marketing and promotion tool as far as we’re concerned.

So what we did was, yes, you guessed it, we got our own highly customised LinkedIn Company Page setup to enable us to get recommendations from our clients – if we’ve recently provided our Virtual WordPress Assistant services to you and you’re on LinkedIn, please recommend us on our Virtual WordPress Assistant LinkedIn Company Page.

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