WordPress Administration, Maintenance and Updates

WordPress Administration, Maintenance and Updates - Virtual WordPress Assistant

Do you honestly have the time to worry about administering, maintaining and updating your WordPress?

Virtual WordPress Assistant does! We can be your one-stop resource for WordPress administration, maintenance and updates.

Images disappear, links break, posts and content need to be updated – your blog or website takes time to keep in tip top shape. Not keeping your eye on your website or blogs administration, maintenance and updates could be problematic.

  • Do you have a backup of your site or blog? What if your website or blog had to be down tomorrow? For a week? For a month? How would that affect you or your business?

  • When last did you update your copy of WordPress? Is it running on the latest stable version with most current security updates? How secure is your website or blog?

  • How often are you keeping the comment spam in check? Are you enabling all your blog comments assuming that they’re from valid sources?

  • Measuring and monitoring your traffic? Which of your pages are most popular? Off of which blog posts did you generate traffic from your social media marketing efforts?

These are just but some of the questions you should be asking yourself…

Have a think about them and when you’re ready to have the administration, maintenance and updateing of your WordPress website professionally handled, get in touch with Virtual WordPress Assistant.