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Virtual WordPress Assistant is a company that specialises in setting up and managing your WordPress blog.

Ok. Be honest with yourself. Your WordPress blog can be intimidating and time consuming. You didn’t start your business to struggle with setting up and managing your blog and spending large amounts of precious time to maintain it. That’s where Virtual WordPress Assistant can come to your rescue.

Do you love the idea of having a blog presence but hate the amount of time and learning you have to put into being able to do so? Do you worry that you’ll lose out on a sale or miss an important business meeting because you’ve been struggling with your WordPress blog? You’re really lucky, because we love WordPress. And we love helping people like you. Nothing gives us more pleasure than knowing we’ve made a difference by managing your WordPress blog for you. And you’ll like it too.

As virtual WordPress assistants with years worth of experience working in the online industry for business owners in the UK and beyond, we really understand how important the administration and management of your blog is for your online reputation. At Virtual WordPress Assistant, we offer a range of services to help run your WordPress blog more efficiently so you can get on with with what’s important – your business.

Whether you have an existing WordPress blog or are thinking about setting one up, our virtual WordPress assistant services can save you lots of time and ensure that your blog is professionally managed by a competent team of experienced WordPress administrators.

Virtual WordPress Assistant is a United Kingdom based WordPress blog administration, setup and management company located in the beautiful county of Royal Berkshire.

Although Virtual WordPress Assistant is based in the United Kingdom, we provide our virtual WordPress assistant services to a wide range of clients throughout the UK and beyond. The internet has obliterated all notions of physical borders – so we are able to help you no matter where you are located around the WWW world.

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Let us concentrate on keeping your WordPress blog running smoothly while you concentrate on your core business. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!